1. send onward, push or bring forward, move or put forward; propel, shove, force toward the front or fore.
2. go forward, make headway, move on or onward, march or step forward; proceed, continue, keep going, press or push on, go or get on; make progress, gain ground, catch up; take the lead, get or go ahead; push forward, forge or move ahead, make way, clear the way; edge or inch along, move or go along.
3. suggest, propose, submit, recommend, present, bring up, introduce; call attention to, bring to mind, bring into consideration or notice; offer, proffer, tender, give, hold out, put forward, propound; adduce, allege, affirm, assert, bring forward.
4. promote, back, support, further, forward, help onward, facilitate; assist, aid, abet, foster, benefit; boost, raise, lift, increase, add to, augment, contribute to, conduce to; improve, strengthen, amend, make better, develop; progress, succeed, thrive, flourish, prosper, come on, grow.
5. move up, be promoted, improve in rank, rise to a higher position; strive for, work up to.
6. accelerate, speed up, pick up, step up, expedite; hasten, hurry, hustle, precipitate, antedate, Archaic. dispatch; quicken, stimulate, energize, Sl. open up, Sl. jazz up; drive, incite, goad, spur, impel, compel; force, push on, urge on or forward, press or move forward.
7. pay up front, make a down payment, make a deposit, buy on the installment plan, buy on the lay-away plan, retain, pay a retainer; supply, provide, produce, furnish, deliver, render; give, accord, contribute, donate, yield, afford; pay, lend, loan, accommodate.
8. progress, movement forward, headway; gaining ground, pushing forward, forging ahead; moving along, going forward, pressing on, pushing ahead; inching ahead, edging along.
9. promotion, furtherance, improvement, advancement, rise, elevation; enhancement, ennoblement, aggrandizement, exaltation, honor, dignity.
10. breakthrough, step forward, major development; discovery, finding; invention, innovation, creation, production.
11. advances
overtures, preludes, motions, gestures; offers, tenders, invitations, proposals, propositions.
12. price rise, price increase, markup, boost; addition, augmentation, increase, increment, gain.
13. down payment, deposit, retainer, payment up front.
14. in advance
a. before, in front, ahead, prior, first, in the lead, forward.b. beforehand, previously, prematurely, early, before-time.
15. lead, first, precedent, antecedent.
16. preview, pre-examination; prepublication, preliminary or prior article.

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